This is a place where I put things I made.

About Me

My name is Jamie and this is my personal site. I've had this site since 2002 (approximately 386789889 seconds). I am a self proclaimed hacker. It's what I do - hack things together. I am a maker, a software developer. I am a creator. I am also interested in a vast number of things from technology to nutrition and fitness. I've been a certified personal trainer. I am currently an architect. I love problem solving and being creative. I like art - drawing, photography, 3D graphics. I like creating music - mostly electronic. I used to rock IT Tracker. But my favorite thing about me is that I'm a Dad and a family man.

My Projects

These are all primarily hobby projects, although most of them also generate some passive income. My goal for every project I do is to have it pay for a few coffees here and there. Yes, I like coffee.


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